Bring Me A Man

My daughter, my girl Am happy you have grown To a healthy woman you are Your body well shaped from the food you eat All since the time I taught you Am glad you can smile Even without me around you can smile.  .  Of age you have reached The age to get yourself a... Continue Reading →


Simple and fabulous. The black rosary looked waaw under the lens. Photography out of passion is so easy and breathtaking. You will always crave for more and more and more. 


I was walking around our compound and saw this beautiful flower. Taking a photo it was the best thing I thought. It's just amazingly bright. 


In as much as we want love and be loved, we should keep in mind that love should be a two way traffic for it to work out. If it will take the effort of one party to strugle and make things be complete then that is not love. For a liability one will always... Continue Reading →


This was so thoughtful of my photographer friend to take a photo of this shampala with a Kenyan flag on green grass.I love it. #Photography.

Voice of The Impaired

My legs can't move I can't feel them at all I try to stand but fall It is not my fault And no one is to blame for My inability to walk I came to this world disabled. . When it dawns, I get prepared  For another struggle in the day I pray that it... Continue Reading →

My Thoughts

I woke up today just thinking, there are so many heroes in the movies like Superman, Batman, Ironman and many more.One thing so common about them is that they underwent pain and dejection for them to make a lifetime choice, saving people. Does it mean in our lives we have to go through pain and... Continue Reading →

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