I hold the huge bars

The rusty bars with my tiny fingers

I stare all day at the wall

The tall wall that blocks everything

The light in my life

Only an ugly man stands there

With rugged uniform and a gun.


From the juvenile court

To this hell prison

Everything seemed a dream

Times of great darkness

I bare resentment towards everyone

Everyone who had a hand

In all that made me be locked away.


It was all a mistake!

I never was part of the gang

Yes I am a street boy 

Yes I have no parents

Yes I wore tatters like them

Yes my friends are part of them

But I never took anyone’s jewelry.


The tall wall bridge the love

The love that I had with my dove

The love of the street.

The noice of the street

The warm nights I had in a corner

I hate the arrogance of all here

I hate their constant argy baggies here.



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