A red wild rose flower

A wild love every hour

The beauty of it in the woods

The red colour so bright in the woods

Being a distract to the hunter

Making the Impala escape his arrow

The wild rose raising his brows.

A beautiful rose one can’t believe

A glance at it, a smile it leaves

Wild beautiful love at scene

For a day it is seen

And forever remains in the heart

The long distance never hurt

For what we bear is true love.

A thought of the first day 

A thought of the first hug

The smiles and chuckles bring joy

To this point of time

To the present days of life.

Moments we shall still hang on

And wish they will still come forth.

Envy creeps on seeing other lovers

As they cuddle and kiss

Their snog forces thoughts

Thoughts of our own love

Wild love that would come to open

Out of the dreams to reality

Time hurts as it pains to wait

The wait that we know not of the end.

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