Delayed Justice

Our pleas are ever repudiated

Never know where to present them yet

They say their hands are tied

But we know they are tired

Tired of doing just

Tired of what not yet done

As they dally, we drown in darkness.


Killings are all over the screens

Much hidden yet the little screams

Murder of media evident in views

Their covert operations leave the nation in agony

They jet out of country

As families are in deep pain

They care not, it is such an irony!


Our economy to the ground it is

Deterioration is what we see these days

Our cries to their ears are songs

To the melody they can hum easily

The frowning face they care not

The lot known to them is not at the front

The rest can still compose new songs; Our cries.


Few of us try to ferret for truth

From their ‘betrayers’ we manage little

Our trounce of freedom and justice is far

But we are hellbent to have a grab

By the bullet will die and blood shall flood

If for justice, that is the path

Our souls will smile through the young left.

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