A Pen My Life

I find my head just blank

But my hand is so busy

With a pen, scrawling on paper

The writings faster than ever

I have no idea what it is

Am glad it now has a flow

Now that it is slow.


I grew up with words

All brew up inside me 

Always reluctant letting them out

Picking a pen proved hard

I felt bad I could not

The start I knew not

How bad the outcome, I thought.


With time my hands became itchy

To hold a pen is all it wanted

My brain was all ready

To think of words as much

A touch of pen on paper

Made a blossom of ideas

To write the world all it wanted.


I think my future depends on it

The paper and ink on it

It has realized the other me

The inside me never known

Ever since my life thrived

Now I know a pen is life

The light of my life forever bright.




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