Voice of The Impaired

My legs can’t move

I can’t feel them at all

I try to stand but fall

It is not my fault

And no one is to blame for

My inability to walk

I came to this world disabled.


When it dawns, I get prepared 

For another struggle in the day

I pray that it be bright.

I may seem happy outside

But inside me, I burn in fury

The flame getting intense ever

For the mental torture is forever.


My eyes soak in tears every night

The thoughts I go through, forces them out

Ever I remain sullen though not willingly

“Everything will be alright”.

A consoling voice whispers to my ear

Hearing this, more tears wet the pillow

For the fact it means; I am not normal.


Some say disability is not inability

I cannot go by their saying

Because they cannot face the reality

I will say this candidly.

While the world is running

We remain on wheelchairs and crutches watching

Without help, movement is a nightmare.


I wish the world would favour

Though a dream of ages to be there

Tough and hurting, life will always be

Children locked in rooms and treated as trash

For a mistake their life is

It pains to be seen as disgrace.

No one chose how to be, but the Creator.



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