Bring Me A Man

My daughter, my girl

Am happy you have grown

To a healthy woman you are

Your body well shaped from the food you eat

All since the time I taught you

Am glad you can smile

Even without me around you can smile. 

Of age you have reached

The age to get yourself a home

A home you can care for your family

With a man we can all trust

To take good care of you

My daughter I want to see him soon. 

Time is running out as fast.

You have gone to many places I know

Your schooling so good and unchallenged

So many people you have met

A good choice you can make I believe

To bring a man of care and substance

The tribe and race I won’t mind

The knowledge in you blesses you hand. 

Time is moving fast

much faster for me

I can’t see far anymore

I can’t gnaw a bone anymore

My face is wrinkling, old age is here! 

My fingers stiff and folding. 

My daughter, help me hold my grandchild. 

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