My Secret Admirer. 

I first saw you and wasn't sure I thought my old eyes were playing pranks A bad prank that is But No! It was really you You whom I thought knew well Yet never met even once In my mind you frequently twirled.           ****          **** I was... Continue Reading →

Photography is all about creativity, making the best out of a simple situation or simply the obvious. In this it was not that much but a little of creativity though it made the scene fabulous especially the fact that the focus is majorly on the watch together with some grass blocking it. 

Sunsets are among my best captures for so many reasons. The sun itself is so beautiful at this point, it shows us that even after being so harsh on us during the day it can still be there for us to show that everything is alright. That consolation and assurance is what we want at... Continue Reading →

I love this flower and my lens couldn't escape it. For it's white colour, it brings some brightness hence could not avoid making it's background darker.  This makes it even more beautiful. 

Favour of the desert. 

​ A lone slave in the desert Chains on both hands and legs Cling!  Clang! They weakly hit The noise much of a bad reminder A narrow escape he had To a better place, though worse To the scorching sun and the hot sand.            ****          ****... Continue Reading →


b:Today and yesterday Yesterday I knew all was well Well enough to bring a bright future A future that I knew would favour me My abilities all utilized to the fullest At one go and be done with it Yesterday I knew I would prosper Flourish and explore all over.           ****... Continue Reading →

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