Don’t Blame Them. 

In life, we never want to feel lonely. We always want to be with friends and even remain with others, date them. In the present day, the youth are really into each other and focus on relationship a lot. Though they ever break, they never lose hope. To many, being single is not cool at all. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend at late teenage is being safe, some would argue. I cannot credit that for a simple fact-this is a free world. Why feel insecure being single and comfortable. 

People really are different and the perception on being in a relationship differs from one person to the other. It is unfortunate or rather fortunate that others prefer same sex relationship. The gays and the lesbians. They do exist among us and some are even our friends. I am a man and would strongly object for same sex relationship for male. No harm to mention but it just doesn’t seem right at all. On the other hand, we have the ladies courting. It sounds awful by the mention and you don’t wish to repeat it once more. In a bid to try and make the relationship sound much more acceptable. I would brand it, Best Girlfriends. 

Everyone chooses a path and for a reason in life, more so if that person is mature and knows what lies ahead of each choice made. Either good or bad, the consequences will always come forth making a difference. The choice of some girls taking such a path has its own reasons. A couple of friends opened up to me about their various experiences and I felt sorry. Many of the victims are so naïve about the boyfriend relationship and don’t want to give it a try. It is more of the response they get from their friends who have boyfriends, about constant heartbreaks. They promise a lot under the umbrella of lust and excitement in confusion with romance and love but after a while, all turns ugly as they don’t want to even see the girl. They build a castle of sand by the sea side and when the waves come, all is washed away. The false promises shutters the girl’s heart to pieces. That changes everything about relationship with men to some girls. 

Being peaceful in a relationship is all that matters to a lady. Contrary, when the intimacy is all about heartbreaks and violence, it spoils the whole romance and makes it a tag of war. No one needs that at this age. In handy, comes the same sex relationship that is calm and appreciated by both parties. It is never anyone’s fault, no one is to blame. 

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