The Feeling In Us

Count me in

In whatever you are thinking

About us is what I mean

Far from everyone else

Just the two of us. 

In thoughts we shall always be

I guess I am lucky to be in it. 


Every hour you are not around

Seems days, the days more

So a fortnight. 

In your eyes I notice that too

From the look you give me

In your glowing two eyes

In the long hours we stare at each other. 


Maybe I don’t say much 

About us that is 

But a lot is in the touch

The feeling between us

Whenever we touch

Whenever we are close

I just go for miles in smiles. 


I bet you feel the same 

As I do, but from a far

That is for a fact I know

I can’t feel your heart 

But from your words I can tell

Much more of a mutual feeling

An understanding grown and unbroken. 


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