The Motivator. 

The strength and will to move on
The thing I need the most when pressed on

Being calm doesn’t bring me solace

My mind here and there in race 

Everything tastes bitter and untasty

Everyone brings anger and torments

I stretch my hand for consolation. 

          ****           ****

I wouldn’t be better if anywhere else

You are the center of solace and nobody else

Ask me and shall give you a zero number

Not even one I can remember

More of a friend your actions show

My gratitude to you I bow

I count my self that lucky. 

        ****          ****

Out of space none like you comes by

Some things in life, you just can’t go by

Depression depression, I sulk whole day

Even a problem worshiping on a Sunday

I feel to have failed and fallen

Your voice now that soothes

Leaves me a smile from nowhere. 

        ****           ****

Many will and are appreciating

I being first without missing

Many souls you have touched

Many minds you have changed

Motivation proving to be a cure

Miracles all ways endure

May freedom be with you forever. 



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