Walking The Aisle


Reaching here is all you, My own will wouldn’t make it, To this far at the altar. Many challenges would have altered, My decision to make this step, With your love and care all has happened, I am beside myself, I am flattered. 
I went down on my knee, I was not sure of your answer, I would take a No heavily, But was jolted to see you gulp, Tears of joy followed rolling down, All accompanied by a faint Yes! The yes I long awaited was out. 

Yes! Yes! I will marry you, It was all I wanted to hear, The best thing I had ever, Ever heard in my lifetime, It took me aback for a moment, It happened so fast and couldn’t believe. Oh yes, it wasn’t a dream. 

Holding my hand with the veil on, You looked much of a princess born, I looked elegant in suit as you were gorgeous, The sounds of the violin and clarinet, All made the cool atmosphere soothing, With soft love music, Whose words are still clear in my mind. 


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