Favour of the desert. 

A lone slave in the desert
Chains on both hands and legs

Cling!  Clang! They weakly hit

The noise much of a bad reminder

A narrow escape he had

To a better place, though worse

To the scorching sun and the hot sand. 

          ****          ****

The vast land all dry

The fast legs now slow

Miles and miles deep in the desert

Lips cracked, mouth dry and face pale

All in need is water and shade to rest

But none seem anywhere closer

Hands and legs in chains now heavier. 

         ****        ****

Legs can’t walk any longer

A blur vision ahead

Hills and hills of sand 

All effort in vain, no hope! 

No water to moisture the lips

No food to fill the empty stomach

No shade to rest the tired body. 

        ****        ****

Another slave on the other side of the dune
The same desert they are

The chains are off! Broken by stones

Lips wet and stomach full

Water dugg beneath the oasis

With tubers he filled his stomach

With difference in mind, a life is saved. 


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