Dressed ready to go to work

To the dinning room you walk

Breakfast readily set on the table

The maid beside you greats with a bow

With a mum! You start to munch

Complaining about little offered though much

Without a thank you, you strole out. 

           ****            ****

The chauffeur waiting with a smile

Your mind so far in miles

The car door you bang as you enter

Roaring to the good servant chauffeur

For the car to roar and move as fast

Your job so important and comes first

The chauffeur wonders why you so arrogant! 

          ****               ****

The staff in the office wave “Good morning”.

With a long face as though you mourning

You walk past everyone to your seat

Leaving everyone mummering as you sit

So heartless you prove to be

Without caring you leave everything to be

Surely this act is not surposed to be. 

             ****             ****

The food you eat all tasteless

Everyone to you seems so useless

The faces as they talk seem so ugly

Everything to you is done badly

Why don’t you have a heart? 

Despising those living in a hut. 

You can’t live alone, to anyone remove a hat. 


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