My Secret Admirer. 

I first saw you and wasn’t sure

I thought my old eyes were playing pranks

A bad prank that is

But No! It was really you

You whom I thought knew well

Yet never met even once

In my mind you frequently twirled. 

         ****          ****

I was so twitchy to hear you

To listen to your voice

Oops-a-daisy! It was more than expected

One of it’s kind, a dulcet. 

I loved the flow

As a swift river downhill

So calm, inviting and worth listening to. 

          ****         ****

I kept my intentions clear enough

True to myself though tough

To love and adore you

To get into you and win you

Tear my heart and I will bear

The pain but will be glad to see you there

Even if it would kill me then. 

           ****          ****

Am happy for our togetherness

As our talk was not a claptrap

Cheers to the juicy claret

The claret that bonds our love

This is not a clamour

But a plea for your heart

The whole of you if you please. 

           ****           *****

I will never want you hurt

In anyway even a cut

As my whole self shall creep with agony

Trauma shall feel me and other many

As your eyes soak in tears

Look into mine for console

Have my shoulder for comfort. 


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