Two At The Moon.

A glance at you and I am all smiles
At once I give you my heart

I know I shall never regret

Because for once I have made a step

For love is for man and not an ape

For your heart too is with me

And for it’s safety, trust in me. 

         ****          ****

I won’t promise you heaven to give you hell

I shall take you to the moon instead

From there we can watch our homestead

From there we can watch the stars

As the stars glitter and shine

Our smiles taken aback by their glow

Because the galaxy is where we belong. 

          ****          ****

Some say excitement won’t last for long

Well, I say I bring you love that lasts

Love that isn’t blind for you

But what people see in you

Many will bewail that your happiness gone

But in you all is well done

Our love that lasts shall be seen. 

         ****            ****

We will appreciate nature for it’s love too

For they are always in two’s

Another may seem astray but not

Always on watch, you should note

Just like we have an ally

We both wish have realized early

Up there we have our joie de vivre for life. 


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