The Motivator. 

The strength and will to move on The thing I need the most when pressed on Being calm doesn't bring me solace My mind here and there in race  Everything tastes bitter and untasty Everyone brings anger and torments I stretch my hand for consolation.            ****        ... Continue Reading →

Digital and computer art is upon us, which means that anyone with any proficiency in software design programs can produce a drawing at the drop of a hat. And life drawing is now seen by many as an old-fashioned and unnecessary waste of time. Unfortunately, when artists stop learning how to draw, figurative art flies... Continue Reading →

Visual Art. 

Painting, a form of architecture, drawing and sometimes computer art all makes visual art an outstanding form of art. Being two dimensional in any form makes it a visual art, it makes art a little confusing to those who do not understand it, somehow.  A connection of ideas, a chain of stories can be well... Continue Reading →


Everyday at sunset,  I always admire the rays from the sun for the beauty that it gives. At times I forget to capture the moments but this day, I didn't. I believe it looks beautiful especially from the high ground that I stood from.  I had to take a lot of them not from different... Continue Reading →

The Feeling In Us

Count me in In whatever you are thinking About us is what I mean Far from everyone else Just the two of us.  In thoughts we shall always be I guess I am lucky to be in it.            **** Every hour you are not around Seems days, the days more... Continue Reading →

Her Birthday

She has been waiting for this We too have been anticipating For this day, so special To her and now to all of us We will be part of her I will be just beside her To sing a birthday song to her.            **** She is such a jovial lady... Continue Reading →

She is Calling

My phone is buzzing, she is calling.  I remain gazing at the screen  A hard choice to make, it proves Either a click on the red or the green buttons  I should make, as both seem right And wrong at the same time  Time too is not that hesitant.             ****... Continue Reading →

This amazing photo was taken in Guangzhou China by this two daring photographers. For a while now such pics are taken by photographers from different countries in tall buildings covering a very large area. Taking photography to another level is what makes many have sleepless nights.  It takes courage, passion, creativity and determination to think,... Continue Reading →

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