A magical word; Love

Some people say soul searching
I wonder how such a thing is happening

All true I may say

To some extended anyway

Some say it is a magical word

Funny how it lands others in the ward

For this is all love, how can we live without it! 

             ****              ****

You can make it if you are inhuman

But never try, if you a man

You will remain divided forever

Never better in your endeavor

Some try, but fail as expected

Latter brag that they attempted

It all still remains, Love is inevitable. 

           ****            ****

Jumping from the roof, breaking a leg

Simply because you found misery

Smashing a phone to the wall

For a pic you saw him with another

A wonderful misery man you thought

Now all is turning sour 

South is where love is moving to. 

           ****           ****

Preachers on pulpit protesting about the word

Musicians on stage promoting the word

Church leaders not left behind

But not coming out for some hide

They are neither and either for the word

It’s true it makes some people insane

But we thank the word for the same. 

Photo courtesy of; http://www.clipartpanda.com/clipart_images/clip-art-love-red-word-and-3787416

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