Just Forgive. 

A peaceful living is one that everyone craves for in this life. This isn’t that hard to attain as all that counts is our daily doings. Having a burden in your heart leaves you with no peace what so ever. Encounter with people always creates either a negative or a positive feeling in you. This can be judged from what they say or do. Doing someone wrong makes them feel disturbed, as it hurts, depending on the wrong. 
Despite being wronged, the best thing is just to for forgive and live in peace. By saying it seems so simple, but while in such a situation, it proves hard. This is all about the twists and turns in this life. Vengeance should not be a thing to think of as one’s mind shall never know peace until they make the revenge. 

Forgiveness is a way of clearing the cobwebs in one’s mind and being sober so as to have a better living. It is quite clear that holding on to something in your mind for a long time makes you so disturbed. This makes one age so fast and seem older that their age mates. It is never healthy. 

Proclaiming about forgiveness to some people is like playing music to a deaf goat. It makes no sense at all. Someone can’t imagine how he will let go another who made a lot of destruction and mess in their life. But if you try to dig deep, to the bottom of the matter, you will find out that just the simple acceptance of letting go leaves you at ease and you feel a heavy load lifted from your back. The furthest place one reaches on this earth is by the effort of friends. Having a simple heart will pave way as those who wronged you will be the first to open doors after forgiving them. 

Just have a simple heart to open your mind, leave the door open for good and warm charms to come knocking. Acceptance is the start key. 

Photo courtesy of;http://www.conejochurch.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/forgive.jpg

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