I Did Wrong. 

It’s now weeks since you gone

To me it seems ages

Hours seem so long to wait

I can’t imagine you are that far

Your warmth is still around me

I can still feel your caress

The caress that made me smile. 


I know I did wrong

Many times I can’t even count

But you still had the big heart

To forgive all that time

Though still in me they haunt

I am sorry for all that wrong

All the days I made you sad. 


I am waiting for your word

Even a whisper can do good

Seven is just a number to count

To me it is a lose in darkness

The days you are gone

Sadness stares all day long

The nights don’t care anymore. 


I would go on my knees

If you were here; To plea

And tell it to your face. 

The phases of life I have faced

Are rough, bumpy and hard to trace 

With no more phrases, I say Sorry

Your comeback will brighten this saddened face. 

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