Little Fish; Mama

The waves were so strong

To the deep they carried me

The shark’s teeth I evaded

Just a scratch it managed

But all the same I am fine. 


The man’s clever trap it missed

It missed my lovely gills

Though the bait looked juicy and tasty

I kept my promise to you mama

‘Don’t eat what is not your own’. 


Danger! Danger! Rocks came falling

Others dangling from the roof cave

The darkness blocked my way 

Through the blow hole, I almost passed

My powerful fins brought me back

To the beautiful sunny shelf. 


The bully fish so unlucky

For food it became to the shark

Now I will be free to swim up and down

But a little sad for the bully fish

I wish he could change and not boast. 


I feel I am now grown mama

I can take care of my own self mama

Please don’t be angry at me

I will always be safe as you be

Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier! 

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