You Will Be Well

You have gone through a lot

Yes good, but in this not

Agony keeps creeping on us

This is because you are with us

You are not to blame for this

The unknown disease this is

Just hold on, you will be well. 


The clock is ticking

So loud I am thinking

In dream about your feeling

I can imagine the situation your are in

Never wishing anyone to be in

Because of the torture and suffering

Just hold on it will be well. 


God never blame for any

Demon can come in many

With trust and determination

Count me in your salvation

With curses I come to save

Just as a way to pave

Just hold on you will be well. 


Affection being the driving force

Passion as the leading boss

Devotion being at all time service

Love is the greatest device 

It is the place you hold that triggers me

It is the whole of you that makes me

Just hold on you will be well. 

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