Why I Fall For Her 

Looks don't deceive Maybe if only to me But that is what I have lived  To believe for all the years here On earth, for our eyes tell us the truth But still opinions do differ from one too From one to another.               *//* Unlike opinions Looks are tangible... Continue Reading →

Griot #stories. 

Most of us when we were kids, had a person so close to us; maybe not to cuddle but talking to us about some ancient life. They told us more about our origins, how our great great grand parents did to survive the hard conditions of then and again how peaceful they were with each... Continue Reading →

I Am Not Gone! 

Why should all this be happening?  I am here, do not grieve over me Yes I have been gone for long Too long that is... But not long enough to conclude I no longer set foot on earth.       **                            ... Continue Reading →

It Is You

In the whole of this universe I see no one No one in comparison with you I would say, you are one in a million A million and one if I can count You are such an exquisite!              **** That dotless, spotless face that you bear Moves not just... Continue Reading →

After Valentine’s.  

The 14th of Feb. is always a remarkable date to everyone all over the world, especially to love birds.(Still don't know why they call them love birds but I think with time some answers would be flowing). It is wonderful to love and to be loved, I believe so, and on that 14th. every lady... Continue Reading →

German Lover; A Love Story

We have now dated for almost a month, though yesterday it just seems to be. Her curly blonde hair attracted me as she approached from a far, he bewitching smile was hard to ignore. I had to brave my fears, 'Hi' I said gently. The voice from her pretty face made me go gagas for... Continue Reading →


From chewing without teeth To snoring and chewing bones I broke your Chinese cups Threw plates after eating A little beating you gave me There after you gave a lolli To dry my tears...                  ***** No one greater than you mama You raised me with all my... Continue Reading →

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