German Lover; A Love Story

We have now dated for almost a month, though yesterday it just seems to be. Her curly blonde hair attracted me as she approached from a far, he bewitching smile was hard to ignore. I had to brave my fears, ‘Hi’ I said gently. The voice from her pretty face made me go gagas for a moment. So sweet she sounded. Days after days we talked, had coffee dates,  to the movies we went.. and this made love to grow. 
I wrote her a poem. 

  From strange lands we both are from

  Yet our love is strangely amazing

  From an amazon you were born

  That I can see from your character

  A strong, passionate and loving woman

  I love when you call my name

  When I hold your lithe body

  And your legs around my weist

  As I gaze into those shiny blue eyes

  The eyes I wish to look at forever

  The moist lips I wish to kiss all day

  Süße Lippen, sagte sie. (Sweet lips she said)

It’s beautiful when she talks, with her thick German accent. At first I laughed, now it is like a sweet soft voice calling in slumber. Not so much English in her talking, but surprisingly more in her writing. That’s why she is a novelist, maybe that is why we clicked at first – for the love of holding a pen is mutual. 

Far from home she travelled, to write about an adventure in Africa, and we met. Maybe this will will earn her a five star in her writing. She has grown to love the place, the people and everything in it. I can hear it in her words even when she doesn’t say it, I can see it in her eyes, I can feel it in her touch. 

Roisin is her name, it took me some good time to grasp it but gladly came her help. I loved it and never thought of a nickname for her. I envied her character, the love for life and the spirit to fight through every challenge. It made me enthusiastic of every bit of time together. A Lolita she was not, but a woman of dignity and respect to everyone around her. Especially those she loved. As our rossy days went down smoothly, something came up. The company Roisin worked for unexpectedly called. She had to take a flight back, immediately. 

She left a note;

  An adventure I was looking for

  Unexpected venture I found

  I was to write a book

  Now I will write even more.. 

  Of love, companion and compassion

  A strange handsome man I loved

  In broad day light, he robbed me of my heart

  From the words he spoke

  And how romantic he held me

  Ich werde ihn immer lieben.

  (I will always love him)

  In meinen Träumen und für immer

  (In my dreams and forever. Bye)

I wrote back;

  It’s saddening you are leaving

  Sorrow is what I am fighting

  The best moments we had I now crave

  A deep grave I will try to burry 

  All that we had. Though tough

  A part of me you will take with you

  A gap in me shall remain

  A ‘Main chic’ you had become

  Now the long distance is here

  I hate to say goodbye

In my heart and thoughts,  you shall always be

(In meinem Herzen und meinen Gedanken, sollst du immer sein. )

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