After Valentine’s.  

The 14th of Feb. is always a remarkable date to everyone all over the world, especially to love birds.(Still don’t know why they call them love birds but I think with time some answers would be flowing). It is wonderful to love and to be loved, I believe so, and on that 14th. every lady wants to feel the queen in her and every man wants to see the gentleness still in him. 
It is lovely to see people in the streets holding hands and smiling genuinely at each other for what is between them is true and beautiful. 

  Not so sad some of us were

  But a little unhappy we were

  Everyone embracing the red theme

  And every red thing being appreciated

  Lovers in restaurants….. 

  With roses on the table and red candles lit

  Having a light meal that pleasures them

  Holding hands across the table 

  And exchanging glances that triggers love. 

Not everyone appreciates such a day, not everyone smiles to the 14th day. It is such a bad reminder to others, those who lost their lovers, out of tragedy or maybe from being snatched by another; it pains. 

The clock was ticking hard, maybe to remind me that it was on 14th. though I never paid much attention, I still could hear its sound from a far. 

  I was at the study table

  Holding my favourite pen

  Scrambling hard on paper, while

  Another man somewhere

  Was holding a rose, a ring while 

  While on one knee… asking

  For a hand in marriage

  For a fine lady to be his Valentine. 

  For once to make a difference. 

Should I have a date? Did I love anyone? Did anyone loved me back? All kind of crazy questions kept on flooding my mind with no answers at the end of it. If I had someone who loved me and I didn’t know, probably she was in some guys arms. With red candles lit and well arranged in every corner, red rose petals all over the floor, two wine glasses on a table beside a bed with white sheets and a bottle of some Italian wine with a strange name and probably a funny taste, ‘my love’ feeling heaven. 

I wouldn’t mind all the wonderful treatment and attention she would receive on the Red Day, but I will pitty the guy if ‘After Valentine’ the lady would be on me again like there was no Valentine, like we both went to different planets on 13th and came back on 15th. It happens and the bitterness is with the one who sees love only for the one day and some bonus hours. 

Among the few who disguise Valentine’s is me. It has never been that smooth and comfy to look back and grin handsomely of all the 14th of Feb. I have known my whole life. All this blame on me but I solely wish that some cute ladie’s hand shall be involved in making me throw all that to a furnace forever to forget….. and look foward to Valentine’s and not ‘After Valentine’. 


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