Griot #stories. 

Most of us when we were kids, had a person so close to us; maybe not to cuddle but talking to us about some ancient life. They told us more about our origins, how our great great grand parents did to survive the hard conditions of then and again how peaceful they were with each other, and more united than we will ever be. 
A griot is that person, who made us be so attentive, pay so much attention and feel like we belonged somewhere, related to some great warrior who saved the world with a sword after bringing down a fearce giant. Though most of what they said was based on true stories, they knew how to create fear and lots of suspense by their imagination of the fantasy world. 

In most African communities did this kind of people existed, making sure that the young knew their roots and made pride of it from what they knew. It’s amazing to have such people; sad enough there are a handful of them in the present day. 


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