I Am Not Gone! 

Why should all this be happening? 
I am here, do not grieve over me

Yes I have been gone for long

Too long that is…

But not long enough to conclude

I no longer set foot on earth. 

     **                                **

Come on Jeff! Look at me

I am here, Jenny,  this is me

Please don’t wear that long face

It saddens me you know

Who is that in the beautiful cascate

He seems to be more like me

No this can’t be happening

Can’t anyone here my voice! 

       **                                **

I had gone abroad for many years

Never calling home but having a reason

A reason so good enough

My job simply could not allow me. 

I also made a beautiful family

But could not match with my old self

I missed you all, every day 

I am here now, but just as an image. 

       **                                   **

No one can see me

I see everyone I know

Though looking old and beaten

I see my body being lowered

Down to earth,  the red earth 

Everyone in tears, but I can’t

Hold on it for them, I am forgotten. 


Photo courtesy of;https://www.pinterest.com/pin/409546159836630318/#

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