Why I Fall For Her 

Looks don’t deceive
Maybe if only to me

But that is what I have lived 

To believe for all the years here

On earth, for our eyes tell us the truth

But still opinions do differ from one too

From one to another. 


Unlike opinions

Looks are tangible

And there are so much 

To that; to beauty, to personality

I met her once

And for me she just seemed

Like another I had ever met. 


That was a judgement

From the first glimpse

I had of her, I had to turn

Our eyes locked! Guilt. 

I didn’t like the feeling

Only to realize, I was grinning

Ooh no… It shouldn’t be happening. 


Had to brush off

The whole thought

But the feeling couldn’t go

I had to live to that, not to my will

Our second encounter, a nice one. 

Of course I had a different thought

But she made me think otherwise


Yes, exceptional she was

An exquisite… 

She made me see that

In all the ways I needed to 

The best way to

Bribe for my feelings and… 

That’s why I fall for her. 


Photo courtesy of;https://www.theodysseyonline.com/teenage-love-doesnt-always-last

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