A flicker. #Love

Smiles and kisses

Snogs shine our faces

Joy and amusement

Filling the atmosphere

From cuddles and caress

In love, we loved and cared

For we had each other. 


We made promises

Wishes of all kind

Not knowing if they will be

For love had clouded us

Our judgements datered

For loves sake…. 

We were drunk and lost. 


For a while it lasted

Only a few weeks that is

We thought we were perfect

Having each other… 

For decades for ages forever

So sad that was a dream

For a flicker of love it was. 


Just a taste of it

Not real love we had

More of lust than affection

Satisfaction just for few moments

A dark dawn came! 

All went south

In bitterness and hatred we lived. 


Photo courtesy of; https://clipartfox.com/download/452317af63d37e89f8292942876436a39d2c2f96.html

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