A Monster We All Hate. 

In friendship

We relish all around us

For us they give pride

Make us laugh at our happiest

Comfort us at our lowest… 

We never want to lose them

No matter the case, for they are us

But when they back bite… 

That’s the monster we hate. 


In Family we trive 

To make things work as we wish

Though siblings can be nuisance

We put up with them, for the sake of 

Of the blood that runs in our veins

For the sake of a home A place we have known since

The people we first knew cared

 The one’s who made us realize what love is

Only for them to turn on us at the end. 


At work

We meet all the characters

In our fellow workmates

The one’s we will find charming

We stick to them, for different intentions

The dull one’s as many will say

Their presence are less felt but all in all 

They are the people,  we share our problems with

Sadly enough the ones we trust, end up spitting all to everyone.  


In love, A prime of joy

We give all that we can

Give up on what we love the 

Most, for the sake of our partnership

For the sake of love and respect that

That comes with it, to make her smile

To make him give up his long face… 

Love not knowing any boundaries but care

when they stab at the back, will hate that forever. 


          Photo courtesy of; b:The Monster inside us… by CarinaPusch

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