Am Not Worth. #Love

The every time charms

    Love potions she gives

    Drives me to a world

    She wants me to be in

    In for me to fit… 

    With her alone to be

    But I feel I am not worth. 


    Out in the streets we met

    I helped her with a coat

    For her whole body was wet

    The rains couldn’t spare he

    Expensive white blouses, exposing

    Her all to the cold, and the 

    Curvy self to all and sundry. 


    I was just playing

    The gentleman any lad would 

    Think wise at their senses

    And her looks made a plus

    Braving the cold for me

    Was a thing I would do

    Forever if she would say I do. 


    We got intimate for

    Our interests were s

    Much a simpatico… 

    She rushed everything

    She loved me she said

    I moved in to her instead

    Of her to me, I felt lost. 


    I loved a simple living

    Making a living through

    My struggles and sweat

    Having what I earned truly

    An otherwise thinking she had

    Just that I be by her side, our world

    No, I am not worth… I had to run. 

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