Listen My Son. 

The world is a vast place to be

Today it’s moving fast than before

So first my advice you need to heed

You will live for ages to come

My old age can’t allow me any more

My eyes are sinking into their sockets

My skin shrinking, pealing and dying. 


Old age is a blessing my son

Told much to many under the sun

It lights my sunken chiks with smiles

To see them follow my words… 

Walk the path I want them to

Work till they sweat out to eat

Don’t wonder why you have to listen. 


I love life for the kindness it gives

I hate man for the cruelty he breathes

We all want a beautiful atmosphere… 

A place we will all call home

As long as it is earth, no matter the place

It is always a long journey to see justice

In your life never expect any justice. 


Trade in all walks of life

A way to lighten your heavy burden

Meet people, avoid dens to cage yourself

Engage in talks and laughter for by itself

It is what keeps man going… 

It is the choices we make that makes us

It is the worst choices that defines us. 


Optimists have a better view of life

For life is a bunch of challenges

Never forget to love… 

It is why you are here, it is why you

Have sisters and a family, one that cares

Caution on being haste to love, it can hurt

So deep, so painful… for women always heal fast. 


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