A Grey Sky. 

Paint the world white 

Life is a canvas, we hold the painting stick

All the colours at our display but still stick

To our favourite pick, it will prick hard

If it’s dark and pleasant to us. 

A dark world we are on the verge

Of choosing if we dont merge dark with bright. 


A larger part of inner us is dark

A conner of sadness, regrets and blame

Living by such thoughts makes our sky grey

A prey of unhappiness you stand a chance

For once light up the lights to those corners

Take chances and build a bornfire in you

Of self belief, esteem and the champ they know.  


You paint green to avoid red

But blue spills and spoils it all at once

you avoid them all and stamble on maroon

It splashes on them and black forms… 

Worry should be your last thought

Why is what popes without an answer

Add all the colours and white will be the answer. 


Don’t crawl if you can walk

Don’t run if you have the wings to fly

leave a burden if life can be lighter without

If you can’t close your eyes get stressed up

Not for the world you can’t get hold of

Get bold and confident of the air you breath 

The space you control and make a blue sky of it. 


Photo courtesy of;.http://wallpapercave.com/w/vU5eb9T

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