Ladie’s Secretes

Each and every person in this life has got secretes. One's which if they ever get to be unveiled, will leave your mouth agape. Secretes mostly are dirty, that's why they are secretes. I will talk of the ladies, not because I am a dude but for the fact that in this life, they have... Continue Reading →

Whole of Me. #Love

In rains and in sunshine I have always held you close In happiness and pain By your side I have always been Never thought of letting you slip Away to any ways I would hate.           *** The devotion of a captain to his ship I will stay awake to watch you... Continue Reading →

Will You Say Yes? 

          I adore every part of my life I look at, and know that it's built by us... your relentless efforts in us... I love it that you bow to our love.          I wonder though if you get a bite of me, of the person that I... Continue Reading →

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