Will You Say Yes? 


      I adore every part of my life I look at, and know that it’s built by us… your relentless efforts in us… I love it that you bow to our love. 

        I wonder though if you get a bite of me, of the person that I really was… Or maybe I really am, it makes you unsure of me I know. 

      Will you say yes…if you know how much blood I have shed, with my bare hands… the lives I have taken, the pleading eyes they had when I did it. 

      Will you say the sweet words… if you get to dig dip into the dark me, the then lost me… the stranger I no longer know of, will you? 

      Will your wet lips be the first thing I will feel in the morning on my forehead… will you stop talking endlessly about the beautiful family we dream of?

      Yeah I know I have tripped… so many times I can’t even count, now I am bound to them all… no matter how hard I try to let go. 

      I have broken hearts so badly… Made many eyes red and soak in tears, I did them not being myself… I don’t expect you to believe me. 

       I don’t expect a YES from you… I know your love has all been genuine, I know the Yes will be the least to expect… But still on my knees I will, and open that ring box! 

     I won’t give up on us… Inside you there is still a spot for me, one I can feel it in your touch… and I can see it in your eyes. 

     I won’t lie I have much changed… but at the very least, I will prove the exact otherwise… for your every presence shuns the other me. Just say Yes! 

Photo courtesy of: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/a9/78/b5/a978b5c9eaf855f052d470cb39c17fa8.jpg

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