Ladie’s Secretes

Each and every person in this life has got secretes. One’s which if they ever get to be unveiled, will leave your mouth agape. Secretes mostly are dirty, that’s why they are secretes. I will talk of the ladies, not because I am a dude but for the fact that in this life, they have a load hidden behind their sleeves. 

Being a victim of abortion. Cruel as it sounds, no lady will ever go around boasting about being part of murdering an innocent zygote or just blood as they will say it. The circumstances leading to such an act may be tough to the lady and facing them alone may as well be a death wish. She will opt for getting rid of the creature, reduce the number of people who might know about it and be shut about the issue forever. The burden in her of the thought of what she has done might be unbearable, but she will carry it solo. 

Ever bein part of same sex relationship. Temptation in ladies appear not once but severally in their teenage about lesbianism. In mostly highschool, this is where the urge, temptation and need to try it out starts. On joining campus, many will stop but others who had deeply gotten into it and accepted it as their way of life, will move a notch higher. Now tragedy strikes when pressure from the parents become intense of the need for the lady to get a man and settle. She will have to take the step unwillingly but the husband will never know of her past sexual preference. 

A lady dating her friend’s father. Yeah it is so odd but sure it does happen among us, our friends and even family. The driving force in this is the sponsor’ thing which some ladies feel they can’t do without, sad enough the easy prey is that innocent ‘bff’. Behind their backs they will sneak out their dad’s contact and do what they do best, entice him. Many have fallen victim. Despite the act being shameful, it is playing Judas in the friendship. If it occurs that the friend never notices about the brewing courtship, they will drink from the same pot for as long as it takes. Friendship at some point never works for long and in case it breaks up, old age will never make one reveal the secret. That’s how bold ladies can be with secretes. 

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