Dating Disease

I am not the only one,

Who sees this I believe… 

The urge for one to have a lover, 

The feeling of wanting to love, 

The need to feel loved… 

The yearn to taste how love is

All that is in that courtship. 

          ⚓  ⚓

I wonder where… 

All the urge, need and want

Comes from. I wonder! 

Maybe it is a contagious disease

A disease that spreads as fast

So fast in teenagers, young adults

Too involved in the misery. 

           ⚓   ⚓

He is a misery man

She is like a dream land

You can’t get hold of him

You don’t know how she looks like

Only in fantasy you will be together

Only in the dreams you will hold hands

Making it a reality may hurt. 

          ⚓   ⚓

It is considered cool

A thing no one wants to miss

Only if they want to be laughed at

A situation that is unbearable

All is to have a partner… 

A person to cherish at all times

A lover to pamper in words and touch. 

          ⚓⚓      ⚓⚓


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