The Irony Of Life

They say evil begates evil… 

And still don’t pay evil for evil 

What is the actual meaning of these.. 

What is meant by evil? 

Maybe what is just in our minds

Maybe that we think is wrong. 

Still we do wrong and not take it as evil.

         °°    °°

I will strugle today… 

Walk on all the paths I think

Will make all my dreams work

Come to reality, come to make sense

Let my mind cruise all the possibilities

That would make me a better man

Only to end up in the mud in a casket. 

        °°     °°

I will start a company… 

Build a brand, from the ground

Go through the troubles with clients

Have falls more than a hundred times

But being determined to create

To nature a brand that will have a story

Only to have the committee suck you. 

         °°      ° °

Life has the irony… 

Of making us believe in others

The people we barely know of

Just from what we see and hear of

Deminishing ourselves for their sake

Looking down up ourselves forever

It’s time to make iron of such irony. 

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