My Submission#Love

You own my body
Take me to the places

You wish and want… 

I am safe in your hands

The only one’s I trust

The only man I submit to

Take me your prisoner for life. 

     ⬆     ⬇

Strap me on that table

Have your muscline hands on me

Tear my clothes away…

Leave me helpless with my eyes

All closed, my legs also strapped apart

Have your breath on my neck

Let your tongue roll around my ear. 

      ⬆     ⬇

Take control of me

Work the magic on me

I want to freak out in fear

I want to be afraid of the pleasure

I want to bear it all, I want it all… 

Let the ice cubes run from my chest

To my stomach and below… 

      ⬆     ⬇

Let our skin touch

Let them caress and be

Wet, all that would take me

Away from all my troubles

Away from this world and to another

I want to hear you groan as I mourn

I don’t want to belong to myself. 


Pain and pleasure

Is what I really want 

Have that whip on me

Slap my behind, harder enough

I want to feel it pain… 

I want to feel it hard in me

I submit and want it to count. 

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