You Deceived My Heart. 

It still pains me
My heart is still bleeding

A sharp stab you let in it

For it’s tenderness you took

The advantage, and took the step

To brake it to pieces. 

The pieces I can’t bend to pick.


I have had all my trust 

On you and faith too… 

That you were the one for me

Who would make me feel lively

Make my life full of love,  charms 

That know no end, drums of portions 

That would triumph our love. 


I hate to now realize

That all that was a dream

Ambitions and mere think alouds

That you had me at heart. 

That you meant what you 

Said, did, how you touched me

How you whispered to my ear. 


You deceived my heart

You lied to my face… I hate 

The look on your face when you 

Now try to apologize for the sorry 

Is a whole lie, I never knew betrayal 

I just knew and felt love… Now

Now I have a taste of them both. 


The last person

I would think of making me 

Have the nasty taste…. 

Of pain, sorrow and regrets in love

The least I expected from the loving

Guy you were, the perfect man I knew

Not the monster behind the handsome face. 

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