Lady’s Feeling Of Dominance

It’s with no doubt that in this generation, there is an atmosphere of women feeling that they are taking over, on the other hand creating an intense and unstable mindset in men that soon, everything will be gone. Air now is full of battles from the female side in question of the male ruling. They claim that we are all equal and go to the extreme of belittling the male gender. 
From what they now constantly say, do,  day in day out, their whole set of life is packed at the prime and looking down upon man. It is not a big deal if a lady performs perfectly in all her work beating her male colleagues, it is not a problem at all. But it bothers when they do it, boast about it, and now want to compare the manpower between her and the male counterparts. 

It is not always a race, it is not always about who wins and who loses, it is never about who shall be lifted higher at the end of the day. Life is all about having responsibilities that we should do observing our gender. Not always will you find a man preparing his kid to school, making sure he is well groomed and has his lunch well packed. It is for the mother to consider and not the father to bother. That’s how these cards are played. 

When you get to be around women, especially feminists, you will be astonished to how they view the perspective of man and what he should handle in the society. There is always that thought that men have really been dominating for long and this should stop. How they are going to stop it is what ends up messing their lives for a long time. 

These ladies will want to be married, get children and have a peaceful and loving family like every other woman out there. But sometimes it becomes a hill climbing experience because of how they view man. They will want to have equal house chores with the man,  make decisions that doesn’t diminish them (even if they waren’t meant to), run every errands at home with the feeling of equality. Even without saying, the man can easily find his way out as it will all seem as nothing but total humiliation and disrespect. It will really be hard for a man to accept the fact that they are as equal as the wife he married. Even after trying to inform him on this. 

It is not a bad thing at all to want to know how it feels like being at the top, having someone or even people under you who will take every order without question and doubts. I would say that this is not the case in how men act in their gender capacity. Since time of our forefathers we have always learned to pay respect to leaders who by this chance had to be men. Mostly.                     ——–                                                         It is not that we men fear that the tables are to turn, but a wonder as to why they should. No harm meant,  but there is no reason to try make the reverse work out as it will definitely attract hatred and anger breaking many homes and mayhem as a whole. 


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