Understand Me.#Love

Our fate intertwined
Our hearts are destined

To one place I even know not

Not that I don’t bother to

But for a fact I care less for It

Is you I will be there with. 

To an eternity I love to imagine. 


We are magnificent

Together as one, the scent

Between us is all same

I am keen not to shift blame

To the eyes that brought us

The hands that first made us touch

The lips that brought the bond in us. 


The one person I do

Understand the most… 

For have been close to me

Inbuilt and in grown is the

Heartfelt love and chemistry

That still is a misery I am yet 

To decipher… To claim and own it. 


I will act as weird 

I will do the don’ts you hate

Not in the love,  to choke you in 

Pain and hatred, not to trigger

The scars in you, the raging anger

But is the personality I hope you forgive

To make it all I will try, still understand me. 


I know it hurts 

Really badly and a sorry 

Will make it all worse… 

So gross it might be, hard it will b

For you to put up with me in all these

Arguments… let the love take control

Let your understanding make the difference. 



Photo courtesy of; https://az616578.vo.msecnd.net/files/responsive/cover/main/mobile/2015/12/15/635857943449275906-2045948472_love.jpg

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