Battle With Looks.#Ladies

It is not a secret, neither is it a lie that women have a common problem with how they look in the public. It’s not unusual to hear a lady ask you, “How do I look in this dress? Is this lipstick ok or should I try the other one? Do these red heels match with this dress?” All this in the need for the friend’s opinion and try have a better look. 
It’s not a bad thing to have people’s word of your looks in any outfit and how to get it well. Now what you tend to lose your mind on is, are these comments genuine? I tend to belive it is the people closest that are the one’s you will ask such questions; either if going out for a party, dinner date or clubbing. Friends will always have a motive when you approach them for any kind of assistance especially if it affects them in one way or the other.                                                       They will advice you to pick on a specific dress that you won’t be at your best for a date with a guy they have a crush on. On the other side, they will outsmart you, look so fabulous and make sure to collide with your catch. Men have taste! You should keep your eyes open.  

It’s not with your conscience that you will realize you have a problem with self belief on your looks. Most at times it will be from the outside;your friends. From constant questions, having your company weigh options for you. Within no time, it will dawn on them that you can’t do without their support. A bad assumption you never wish anyone makes of you. “Now fend for yourself”, They will say. At this point, it’s now cristal clear that you have a problem. A battle with your looks. 

You need to take charge of your body and know what’s best for you, no one else knows your body better than you do. People come with diverse colours, body shapes, size and heights. As simple as realising this you will know of how well to deal with choosing the right wardrobe. Outfits that with ease you can quickly get out of shower and be ready with less assistance or none from anyone. 

The whole outlook can be a nightmare for a lady and rosy still, for it can be like a catwalk on the runway; full of confidence and elegance.  All in dependence of how much you think you can own your body, partly or fully. 


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