Pain. #Love

I will shelter under laughter
Take refuge in smiles

I will camp in friendship

To hide the pain in me

I will remain in the rain

To wash away my tears… 

To forget about all the fears.


A fresh wound in my heart

The cuts still hurt

I wonder where yours is

You promised to cherish

My heart but now it is in agony

I hide my tears but drip blood

Of when it will stop… I can’t tell. 


I devoted all my time

To build love with passion

To trade with caution… 

And make every smile count

Take us to the farthest we could

Your smile as an assurance that all

Is fine and well… now a mind blowing. 


Thanks to goodness 

Time is a healer…

Of the most wrecked souls

Of the deepest cuts, wounds and

The darkest moments we want to burry

To forget in whatever the cost for

It has brought emptiness and sorrow. 


I will do my body a favour 

Love again will fill my heart

Of my self and not any other being

I will rest my mind… 

Of the torture it has been through

Smiles on my face to brighten my life

For pain hurts and can tear with tears. 


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