Flirt With Caution. #Men

Friendship and courtship are two very different relations. Sad enough some of us can’t distinguish the difference and end up placing them at the same table. Here flirting comes in, from a lady and the man gets mixed signals making him confused. 

As men, we all have female friends. Our relation with them usually defers from one friend to the other. There is always that one friend you are so close to, know all her friends and even family. Within no time you have known all the guys she has dated and currently dating. In other words it’s a crush on her you have. Envy creeps in when you realize she got a new catch and it even builds up more when she starts, “How do you think this guy is? Isn’t he charming and adorable? I love the way he looks at me with his dark eyes, how he is so soft spoken… ” Inside,  you are burning with furry and just assume that you never had the conversion. 

The closeness makes you believe that one day she is going to open her eyes wide enough to realize how you care and adore her and finally give you a chance. This thought makes you distant yourself from that beautiful lass who truthfully loves you, always there for you but the best you can do is shrug her off;ignoring her calls, never texting back and cuting your constant meetings. 

In a bid to make your crush know of your intentions, you start flirting and now constantly do it. Wouldn’t say suicidal, but totally testing the waters with both feet. She will eventually read between the lines. At this point it will be a two way choice for her, the obvious one being that she will be furious and wonder why after all that time think that you will ever have a thing together. The other choice which is most unlikely and sadly where your luck lies, is for her to say, “Yes, I always had the same feelings for you”. 

The reason why men should flirt with lots of caution is because of most likely what shall begate them. A lager percentage of these ladies shall flee. A long term friendship will be broken, trust that took ages to click on will crumble and at the same time lose a lover who had you at heart. Simply for your ignorance on the line between friendship and courtship. It will hurt. 

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