What Is Love? #1

That unbelievable feeling I go through, when our eyes meet… when he looks at me with his laze-looking eyes, brows raised handsomely at an angle; just the wright one that he only knows how. A warm smile from his charming moist lips, the lips I wish to always kiss till eternity. 

Love is when my heart thaws down from the look of a prince. A complexion of sweetness and a glow that brightens my soul. My mouth agape in wonder of the kind of sensation my body is going through and where my mind is whirling at. I want to stare at him and go crazy, my obsession is the love I want to forever adore. 

The words that sound like love songs, the touch that make my body want to float in the air, the breath that suffocates me in a world of imaginary angles. That is love that I know. 

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