What Is Love? #2

A world that she means to me. The only place my heart is at peace, with pamper and a whisper from her sweet voice. The assurance that she gives when she tenderly bite my ear, teasingly scratch my ribs with her sharp nails. The pain is why I chose her, to always be by side, to always play piano on my abbs as I salsa with her lithe body. Love is what I feel in her long hugs. 

Love is the look in her glowing eyes, when they soak in tears… after a fight, and she faintly say “You mean the world to me” amidst chokes of cries. A bonfire of unimaginable emotion is sparked, to hold her tight won’t be enough, snogs of kisses that makes us hold our breath; for a moment makes us come to life. Where she warmly smile looking down at my chest, “I love you”, she says. I kiss her deeply in show of mob love.  

A deep sleep of dreams, breath taking moments I want to hold onto them forever. Getting lost in the vast wild that freaks the whole of me, letting my body go… to the only place she knows, to take full control. I trust her in whatever path she takes, maybe I may seem to have lost it, but this is the love that I know and she knows it well.  

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