What Is Love? #3

Can’t get enough of the long texts, late night calls with jokes that keeps me laughing all through. Vibes that make me feel like a baby angel, so young in love in a first date. Vibes that melt my frozen heart and make my body roll over in sheets restlessly, spread my arms all over and wishing you were close to pillow my tiny self. When I pout and get lost in a world of fantasy when you are still on phone is love that I know. 

Promises of building an empire, being that queen as he the king. Living in a palace with all the luxury, a pet tiger, golden wall paintings and robs only existent in the ancient times… are the dreams I laugh to as he narrates. Love is when we camp so far in the wild, lighting a bonfire and smile at the sparkles of fire as they rise up till they disappear. Freak out, hold him tight when a little sound comes from the bushes. Oow! It’s just the wind, haha. 

That simple smile is all that I need in a bad day. A silent atmosphere as we hug for long, is all that shows he cares. A light kiss on the forehead, “All will be ok” he says, means the world to me. A warm cuddle when am moody, shades light to my dark heart. A kerchief to wipe my tears, takes all the pain away and a smile on my face is that love. 

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