This Man of Today. 

He goes by many definitions and us tying ourselves to one;of a male gender, not only under rates him but also depicts our little insight on the term ‘Man’. A bold figure in the society well able to handle folk’s issues, well, starting from his own family. Being in the knowhow of every current issues; business trends, lifestyle change and also political ethics. 
Strong as they have proven to be, still there is that group that will always make a move to critique. With little ponder, they will sting from all directions, stamble on the decisions made by man and throwing to the winds reasons to back their story. Such groups at large are of feminists (sorry but to mention), in a bid to make every thing fifty fifty. They are quick to judge every move.                                                                          That is just but a pinch on what men go through every day. Life throws punches from every direction in a manner it doesn’t care how. 

Sure enough as days, months, decades pass by the boundaries of a man, his measures expound and sometimes change completely, for the better. Past are the days when man was graded on how well he could handle a spear, how quick and smart he could get game meat, how swift he was on his bow and arrow. It is the twenty first century and arrows are no more, machine guns are used in battles and even a teenage can handle it superbly.                                                                    Today this man has bills to pay, his dress code speaks a lot of him and he needs to look convincing if not smart. How deep his pocket is, now is the matter, how best he can negotiate a deal; brings food to the table, dresses his wife and makes his little born have a diet. 

It is with sweat, pain and lots of determination to be this kind of man. Everyday walking in the paths of hostilities from being kicked out of a house he just rented, without reason suspended from work, constant pestering calls from friends waiting to ride on his sweat and siblings on shoulders for a push in their fee. Never has it been bread and butter to be this man. 

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