Lost Link. #Love

It all went cold

I don’t know what went wrong

My conscience not clear

The strong connection

Now so weak and wearing

To a far distance it is moving

So far away from us. 


Tell me what is going on… 

Sure enough you will ask 

Of the same thing from me

Of its answer I can’t tell

I don’t know where the link 

Got lost… Only one thing is sure

It got us so far apart. 


Where is the burning flame

That made us glow in love

That made our gaze crave for more

Where are the charming words

That made us treasure each other

That made the world so vast of love

Now the ashes are so cold. 


The blossoming red roses

Now pale and shrinking

The sweet voice full of passion

Now course, irritating and harsh

Sweet love now turned to hatred

For no reason rage and anger

All mery now a dark hole with no end.


 I never knew such would be

I never wished it ever happened

I still wish it’s all a dream

A dark nightmare I will wake from

And say “It was just a dream” 

Only that is happening… 

And I hate that the link is lost. 


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